What is UBT in Sewing Machine Categories for Garment Manufacturing

UBT stands for Under Bed Trimmer. Nowadays, most Single Needle Lock Stitch sewing machines come with a UBT function. 

UBT sewing machine

In normal lock stitch machines, tailors/sewing operators need to use a trimmer or scissor to cut the needle and bobbin thread after completing the stitch. But with UBT functions, operators just need to push a button or press the paddle back to trim the thread.  

Now all the machine manufacturers included UBT trimmers in their lock stitch sewing machines.   

UBT Lock Stitch machines are costlier compared to Normal Lock Stitch Machines. But Still purchasing a UBT machine beneficial for long term. It reduces sewing time, improves stitch quality, reduces manpower requirement for thread trimming.

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