Machine SPI in Garment Stitching

What is Machine SPI in Garment Stitching?

SPI stands for Stitch per Inch. This means the number of stitches formed in the one-inch length of the seam. An example of SPI count is shown in the following Figure. In the post, we will discuss the relation between the machine SPI and garment quality, and thread consumption. 

In the metric system, this term is called Stitch per Centimeter (SPC).

SPI in garment stitching
Image credit: by Ron Lach

Standard SPI is used to sew a garment as the quality of the seam and strength of the seam depends on the number of stitches used per inch of seam.

In the garment tech pack, in the garment construction section, the buyer mentions the stitching SPI to be used for stitching each seam. In most cases, the whole garment is stitched using the same SPI. But sometimes, SPI may very for stitching different parts of the same garment. 

Garment suppliers (manufacturers) are supposed to follow the standard SPI in garment samples and bulk products.

SPI vs Thread consumption and stitching speed

SPI is considered one major garment quality parameter. Normally, 9-12 SPI are used in most of the garments (woven as well as knits). Consumption of sewing threads increases as SPI goes up. When the number of stitches increases in the same length of a seam, the loop formation increases as well which causes more consumption of thread. 

Another important factor is stitching speed - When you use less SPI and run the machine at the same speed for sewing a garment, the garment production rate per hour will increase.

SPI setting: 

In the traditional lock stitch machine, overlock sewing machines SPI set up is done using the SPI regulator. In the latest machine with a computerized control panel, SPI set-up /selection is easily done by selecting a suitable SPI number from the display screen. 

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