How does lock stitch sewing machine work and form stitches?

Are you interested in making garments using a sewing machine? Sewing machine was a great innovation. But it is still a surprise to many people - how does two threads forms lock when a needle goes down and up with a thread.   

Lock Stitch is one of the most common machine type among industrial sewing machines. You might be thinking how does this machine work.

Here two of videos are shown that will help you understand how stitches are formed in lock stitch machines. This is example of Single needle lock stitch machines.

How stitch formed in a single needle sewing machine: 

The movement of needle, bobbin case, hook are synchronized to form stitch while machine is running.

Sewing thread is inserted in the needle and the bobbin case is filled with threaded bobbin.
The needle penetrate fabric with the needle thread while machine runs.
The hook rotates and catch the needle thread and move around the bobbin and form the loop. See the following videos.

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Video#2: Lock stitch mechanism

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