Straight knife fabric cutting machines - all that you need to know

What is a straight knife cutting machine?

A straight knife cutting machine is one of the many fabric layer cutting tools used for bulk fabric cutting in a garment factory. This cutting machine is handy and portable. You will find this type of cutting equipment in all the garment export factories.

This cutting machine is power-driven equipment and run by hand. the blade of the straight knife cutting machine moves vertically while cutting the fabric layer. These cutting machines are also known as electric cloth cutting machines.

Straight knife cloth cutting machine

Cutting machine blade height

The cutting machine is available with various blade heights (i.e. 6", 7" 8", 10" up to 13"). The cutting layer height is kept 2 " less than the blade length.

A straight knife cutting machine includes an automatic abrasive belt sharpener and an automatic safety foot.

The straight knife cutting machine is widely used by garment manufacturers for cutting all kinds of textile fabrics (woven and knits). The cutting blade needs to be replaced once the blade gets worn out.

To choose the right machine for your use contact your local cutting machine suppliers. Check machine specifications like strokes, heights, and electrical configurations. If you are going to manufacturer a mass garment straight knife machine is must-have equipment to make your cloth cutting department efficient and productive.

Band knife cutting machines and round knife cutting machines are other alternative tools for cutting fabric for mass production. 

Machine price:

The price of a straight-knife cloth cutting machine price varies from INR 10,000 to INR 50,000. You can check the price with your machine suppliers and the price can be verified from an online store. 

Safety first

When a cutter is going to cut fabric layers using a straight knife cutting machine, he/she must wear a metal hand glove to protect in the left hand (which is used to hold the fabric stack.) 

metal hand gloves for fabric cutter

Cutting machine brands

Here are a few well-known straight-knife cutting machine brands. 
  • Generic
  • Eastman 
  • Aura
  • Consew
  • Ricoma

From where you can purchase a straight cutting mahice

A straight knife cutting machines can be bought from online store or from a local machine supplier. Check on store, for buying this cutting machine. 

About a typical straight knife cutting machine

  • 8-Inch blade size; Rotary Speed: 2850 RPM; Cutting Height: 6.3" (160 mm)
  • Compact and easy to use, this straight-knife cloth-cutting machine with an 8-inch blade works best on light- to medium-weight material like woven or knit fabrics.
  • Safety mechanisms keep users protected from harm during the cutting process. A powerful motor makes the cutting easier
  • The automatic knife-sharpening system ensures the finest cutting quality, and its safety mechanisms keep users protected from harm during the cutting process.
  • Straight-knife cloth-cutting machine working best on light- to medium-weight materials like all kinds of leather, cotton, silk, chemical fiber fabrics.

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