Do the Size of Formal Shirt and T-shirt is Same or Different?

Question: Do the size of the formal shirt and T-shirt is same or different?

Shirt measurements

The answer is different.

The size of the formal shirt and T-shirt is not the same.

The measurements of the same-sized formal shirt and T-shirt are different. Specification of different points of measure is different.

In a formal shirt (made of woven fabric), a higher easiness is added compared to a t-shirt (made knitted fabric). The length of formal shirt is higher than the t-shirt of a same size. 

T-shirts are more body-hugging. That is why measurement are less of different POMs of t-shirts. 

Another important point to remember as a garment manufacturer or a garment designer, that for the same size different brands use different measurements based on the demographic of the destination country. 


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