What is a Garment Cutter?

In garment manufacturing, the person who cut the fabric layer following the marker line is known as a garment cutter. The question should be who the garment cutter is instead of what is a garment cutter?

The garment cutter (fabric cutter) cuts fabrics using a cutting tool or a cutting machine. There are different types of cutting machines – from hand scissors to power-driven straight knife cutting machines to automatic cutting machines. 

A garment cutter can cut the fabric layer using hand scissors, or a band knife machine, or a straight knife cutting machine.

The garment cutter must have the skill of handling the cutting machine that he/she needs to operate for bulk fabric cutting. If there is a lot of cutting, the cutter becomes busy with cutting fabrics. In case, there is less cutting activity, the cutting person can take care of other activities in the cutting department.

Other jobs of a garment cutting person in a garment factory include.

  • He spreads the fabric on the cutting table (layering process). In this process fabric rolls are taken on the table and with help of a spreader (manual) fabric is laid on the table as per marker length.
  • Check patterns - They need to check the garment patterns sometimes before using it for marker making (in manual marker making method).
  • Measure the marker length based on the marker size
  • They do the marker making using pattern papers

If you mean garment cutter an equipment used for cutting fabrics, it can be defined as a tool or a machine. The equipment that used for cutting fabrics laid on a cutting table as a stack (multiple layers). Garment cutter can be straight knife cutting machine, automatic cutting machine.

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