What is RQS System and Responsibility of RQS Team

Full form of the RQS is - Requirement for Quality System. This term is associated with  H&M quality requirement for suppliers.

In a job posting, H&M explained the responsibility of RQS personnel:

The RQS is accountable to:

  1. Develop and secure H&M Group Suppliers on RQS – Requirement for Quality System
  2. Develop an internal Quality Control team in RQS
  3. Communicate, support and cooperate with internal teams and globally in all RQS areas

1. Develop and secure H&M Group Suppliers on RQS – Requirements for Quality System

  • Conduct audits using and following H&M’s RQS guideline & checklist
  • Prepare an agreed and clear report after auditing, and send and explain it to the Supplier and those concerned within the Production teams
  • Analyze the Country’s overall supplier development and area of improvement and initiate actions together with the Senior Quality Controller and Product Quality Manager
  • Encourage H&M Suppliers to be proactive in finding the reasons for problems & establish methods & routines to avoid them in the future
  • Give feedback to suppliers about general quality problems faced in order to prevent similar problems happening in the future
  • Support and Guide suppliers with practical advice about system development and implementation to secure production
  • Provide education on RQS. Keep Suppliers updated if there are changes and work in close cooperation with the Suppliers’ RQS responsible
  • Explain and create awareness about connections with the Management System and RQS
  • Create awareness about the customer satisfied quality concept
  • Work proactively with H&M Suppliers and factories to secure H&M’s quality standards

2. Develop an internal Quality Controller team in RQS

  • Train and Educate Quality Control team on RQS audits
  • Follow up RQS progress engaging the Quality Control team. Act and support them in their findings

3. Communicate, support and cooperate with internal teams in all RQS areas

  • Always be updated about the Management System audit findings to connect with RQS audit results
  • Be proactive, foresee and define the problem. Work with relevant colleagues to prevent stopped orders

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