What is the Full Form of POM in Garments?

The full form of POM is point of measurement. This means that the list of measurement points needs to be measured to ensure the garment measurement. The list of POMs for the inspection depends on the product type and the buyer’s quality requirement. 

In a garment measurement inspection sheet, a pre-defined list of POMs is written on the inspection sheet. The list of POMs helps the quality checker and quality auditor to follow the checklist for measurements. For the internal inspection and the third-party quality audit, measurement inspection is must for quality approval. The measurement inspection sheet also includes the required measurement for each POM and allowance of measurement (+/-). 

To verify the garment fit and construction, garment manufacturers must measure the given point of measurements (POMs) and note the reading on the measurement inspection sheet.  

Point of measures for a formal shirt 

For an example, see the common point of measures for shirt inspection

  • Collar length 
  • Collar height
  • Body length (from HPS)
  • Chest half 
  • Sleeve length 
  • Sleeve opening (cuff)
  • Armhole (straight length)
  • Bicep half
  • Chest Pocket position from HPS

Another example of POMs, taken from Garment Techpack of a Dress (Sleeveless fully lined high neck stretch leather dress.)

POM examples

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