Different Parts of a Formal Shirt and Uniform Shirt

A shirt is a staple clothing item, that we wear in our everyday attire.  A formal shirt or a uniform shirt is worn in office work and professional meetings, interviews and in special occasions. The shirt that we wear is assembled by sewing number of parts together. Garment parts are also known as garment components. You will be surprised to know that a garment is made of 22 to 25 components. In this article, different parts of a formal shirt will be shown in a diagram.  

Components of a formal shirt

Looking into the garment components of uniform shirt, there are 14-20 components. In term of visible garment parts that we see in a ready shirt may be little less. First let learn the list of components that joined together to make one shirt. We have also added number component used for each part. Later a shirt description of ech parts will be provided.

Following are the components of a formal shirt.

  1. Collar (2 components)
  2. Collar band (2 components)
  3. Fuse-able interlining (placed in between collar plies 1 component)
  4. Back yoke (2 components)
  5. Cuff (4 components)
  6. Sleeve (2 components)
  7. Sleeve placket (4 components)
  8. Back panel (1 components)
  9. Front right panel (1 components)
  10. Front left panel (1 components)
  11. Front pocket (1 components)
  12. Font placket (normally 1 tape but 2 tapes also used)
  13. Front placket Interlining (1 component) 

Different parts of formal shirt: 

To identify different parts of a shirt, see the following diagram. It shows name of the parts by arrow. You may see the shirt parts name and component name is different. In a shirt making, we name some parts of the garment which are not actual garment components, but to identify the position and operation we give a name to it. Like armhole, bottom hem and side seam, etc.   


Parts of a Shirt

Collar and collar band: The topmost part of a shirt, which are stiff and fall around the neck is known as collar.

Chest Pocket: A patch pocket attached to the left front panel. This pocket is also named as chest pocket. The chest pocket found in various shape and design.

Cuff: The stiffed part attached at the bottom of the sleeve is known as cuff.  

Side Seam: The seam which join front and back body part are known as side seam. The side seam line can be straight seam or a curved seam.  Feed off the arm machine is used for side seam joining.

Hem: The bottom finished edge of the shirt after folding and stitching is called hem. It is also named as bottom hem.  In formal shirt bottom hem are found two different types - straight hem and curved or tailed hem. 


The objective of writing this post is to help one to easily identify different parts of a uniform shirt. The parts of all woven shirt named same way, but a few parts may be missing in short sleeve and casual shirt compared to a uniform and formal shirt.

When you consider a casual shirt, number of components and components itself vary. Like, a casual shirt may have double pockets are used with pocket flaps or no pocket at all. A casual shirt may have sleeve tabs, front yoke and with many other varieties of styling.

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