What is the Full Form of IE in Garments?

Industrial Engineering

Full form of IE in garment industry:

In apparel manufacturing, IE stands for industrial engineering (a department). IE is also a short form of Industrial Engineer. An IE is a person who performs industrial engineering tasks. 

In garment manufacturing, the IE department is a department that takes care of the product analysis, performance measurement of the shop floor workers, and labor costing. They set up standard processes for the production departments and establish standard time for the tasks performed in garment production. 

They identify process improvement areas on the production floor and work on improving the process. Industrial engineers can convert an unorganized factory to an organized factory. They standardize production processes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does an IE do in a garment factory?

An industrial engineer has many jobs in a garment factory. Followings are a few of their jobs and their responsibilities. 

  • Product analysis 
  • Garment standard minute establishment 
  • Prepare line layout for new styles and assist line supervisors in setting up the production line faster. 
  • Operator skill matrix preparator and operator grading
  • Operator performance calculation and incentive earning calculation 
  • Thread consumption calculations
  • Labor cost estimations 
  • Preparing daily report and KPI analysis reports 

What is an IE department?

Industrial engineering is a technical department in a garment manufacturing unit that works on process improvements, assists line supervisor in quicker line settings, assists company is labour cost reduction. A department that assists production planner with accurate line capacity and expected production completion dates. IE department helps merchandiser in defining production process flow and material consumption calculations for some trim like sewing thread consumption. 

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