Functions of the Merchandising Department in a Garment Factory

Merchandising department is considered one the most important department to run garment export house successfully. They are the mediator between customer (buyers) and internal production team. Their job responsibilities cannot be counted. They are responsible to do whatever required to bring an order from buyers to sending shipment to buyers' warehouse.  

However major responsibilities of merchandisers in an export house includes:

Merchandising department

Internal & External Communication: 

Communicate with buyers, buying houses and material suppliers. On the other hand, they are responsible for downloading information received from buyers, like buyer comments on the sample, buyer's requirement on new developments, pricing details of raw materials etc. 

Internal communication includes providing information to accounts department, shipping and documentation department, souring department etc.

Garment Sampling: 

Without sample development export house cannot think of doing export business. Sampling is one way to attract customers for bulk orders. Merchandising team take full responsibility of developing samples at various stages, like Proto sample, size set sample, salesman sample etc. They source all required material for the sampling, download sample construction to sampling master and sampling tailors. Send samples to buyers for approvals.

Lab dip Development: 

Lap dip development for dyed fabrics and take approval on lap dips from buyers. This is done from fabric suppliers.

Accessories & Trims Sourcing:  

Finding suppliers for accessories and trims for the samples and bulk orders. Negotiation on pricing and sourcing of trims. Take approvals of trims and prepare trim card for production team.

Preparing Production file:

They make production file for production and quality department with all necessary information required to process bulk orders. They handover production order to production head and production process starts from cutting to final inspection. 

Preparing of Bill of Material: 

Merchandising team is responsible for making consumption of fabric and trims for bulk orders. Once consumption is approved, they make Bill of Materials (BOM) and raise purchase order to source all raw materials. 

Production Follow up:

Once production started, merchandisers do continuous follow up for production with in-house production team and subcontracting factories. This way they keep production and shipment delivery on rime. 

Taking responsibility for inspections:

Buyer follows third party inspection of finished goods. Merchandiser takes the responsibility to communicate with inspection agency, offer them packed shipment and forward inspection report to buyers.

Follow up of Shipment: 

Last but not the least, they do follow up of shipment with buyers and send shipment related document to buyer. 

As it has been said in the above that merchandisers responsibility is not limited to these only. 

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