Full Form of BOM in Garment Industry

BOM is a common term used in material planning in manufacturing sectors. You can make BOM manually on Excel spreadsheet, or using PLM or EPR system. Garment manufacturers, garment suppliers and apparel sourcing agents all use BOM for material cost estimation.

The full form BOM is Bill of Material.

It means listing of all raw materials (items) required producing a particular style. In this list with raw materials following information are also included against each item-

Components of a BOM sheet

  • Details description of materials, quality and specification
  • Color code / Color name
  • Consumption of material per unit garment,
  • Material price
  • Suppler name
  • Sourcing date
  • Person responsible for sourcing

Who is responsible for making the BOM?

BOM is prepared by factory merchandisers. Then Style wise BOM is given to material sourcing department to source item.

Sample BOM sheet.

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