What's the meaning of 36w x 31L for trousers?

What's the meaning of 36 W x 31L for trousers?

The two main measurements of a trouser are - Waist Measurement (W) and leg length of the trouser (L). The waist measurement is present in inches with the letter 'W' and Length is presented in inches with the letter 'L'. 
Based on this common terminologies - when you see a trouser labelled with 36W x 31L - It means the trousers' 
- Waist measurement is 36 inches 
- Length of the trouser (from wait to leg opening seam) is 31 inches.

This type of measurement labeling is common for denim jeans. In the following image of Levi's jeans label showing the pants waist and length. W 34 L 34.  This means the jeans pant's waist measurement is 34 inches and it leg length is 34 inches. 
Meaning of W and L in Trouser label

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