How to remove polyester yarn contamination from fabrics?

The problem

It is often found that fabric is contaminated with polyester yarns during weaving and knitting processes in the mills. Yarn contamination problem is a great issue across textile industry. Mainly garment exporters face problem when they see such yarn contamination on their fabric lots. The contamination is visible as white yarn woven or looped in a fabric of different base color.

Normally, this kind of polyester contamination is not acceptable in the fabric and in the end garments. Garments made of contaminated fabrics, need to be corrected by replacing the parts, or by pulling out the white yarn (contrast colored yarn) from the fabric.

In denim and any other fabrics, polyester contamination can happen due to excessive spinning fibre contamination.

How to solve the polyester yarn contamination from fabric?

As per experts and users, polyester fibre and yarn contamination can be removed using a Hot Gun (hot air gun). Identify the polyester contaminations in the fabric during fabric inspection (checking) and put stickers. Later, using a hot gun, melt the polyester yarn and it is gone. By doing this, the contrast colored polyester yarn will not be visible. After washing the melted polyester yarn bids will come out from the fabric. 

It must be noted that this tool is used on cotton fabrics. Cotton fibre will not at the the temperature at which polyester yarn will melt. 

According to the experts, this tool can eliminate 90% problem by doing efficiently. The balance can be removed by professional menders.

Image-1: A white contaminated yarn found 

Image-2: Apply hot gun on the polyester thread

Imgae-3: Contamination is not visible after melting

For using this machine, please refer to the specification and guidelines provided by the hot gun supplier. 

(Image source: from LinkedIn post)
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