Does branded clothing companies use new fabrics?

Yes, most of time the branded clothing companies use new fabrics. Here new means - fresh purchased fabrics from fabric mills and fabric retailers/suppliers. This is a very good question from the aspect of end consumers and garment manufacturers. In this post, I have explained why garments makers need to buy new fabrics and how old fabrics can be used for making new clothes.

There many garment exports house in India. Export houses (apparel manufacturers and suppliers), normally, buy new fabrics for the new orders they get from the buyer (fashion and apparel brands). As buyer gives orders for new designs and new colors, garment makers have no choice than buying new fabrics from mills. Even the order quantity is too high and different with new shades, there are less chances of getting the same fabric from leftovers (old fabric stocks).

Branded clothing and leftover fabric use
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If you are talking about local brands, we cannot say whether they buy new fabric or not. There are some low priced brands that try to provide branded clothes to their consumers at a competitive price, use the export surplus fabrics. Though sometimes they use surplus or leftover fabrics, that come with good quality when the surplus fabric was originally brought for making international branded clothes.

If the finishing of the garment is done properly there is no reason not to buy the clothes made of leftover fabrics. The main thing is brightness of the leftover fabric. If it is stored in covered area, and the fabric colors and prints does not fade away due to long time storing the leftover fabrics. Normally the brightness of the color faded when fabrics are exposed to open light and air for a longer time and a thin layer of dust cover the fabrics.

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