How to buy a machine for t-shirt manufacturing for a small start-up?

In this guide, we will share how one can buy sewing machines and other equipment for their small business setup in t-shirt manufacturing.

Let’s step into the answer to this question.

Step-1: Know the machine requirement

First thing, you need to know what type of sewing machines you need for making t-shirts. My suggestions do not buy only one machine. To make quality t-shirts having the standard seams you need at least 3 different types of sewing machines. 
- An overlock machines, 
- one single needle lock stitch machine and 
- one flatlock machines. 

To know machine wise operations names (process names) read this article. You can also determine number of sewing machines you need based on your daily t-shirt production requirement.

An overlock machine
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Step-2: Find machine suppliers

Once you decide machines type and number of sewing machines you want to buy for your t-shirt factory, reach out to sewing machine suppliers. You can do the price research on Amazon store and get an idea price of the sewing machines of different brands.

From the Amazon store, you will also get to know different features of a sewing machines. Nowadays, you can buy a sewing machine from online stores. But I would suggest you buy your first sewing machines set from a local machine supplier. You can get contacts of local machine suppler from the online yellow pages or B2B websites. Just do a quick search with these phrases, it will show your many contacts of sewing machine suppliers.

Step-3: Ask for machine price from 3-4 agents and compare it with your budget

Meet the suppliers and ask for price quotes of the machines. When you meet with a local supplier, you will get many essential information about the sewing machines.

You can ask for price for different machine brands and compare the machine price.

You can take help from the machine suppliers for understanding the right machine requirement for your factory. You can also share your budget on the machines. They will show you the machine brands that will meet your budget. You can check these sewing machine brands – Juki, Brother, Pfaff, Jack, Yamato, Sun star, Siruba, etc.

You can go for a latest sewing machine with improved applications which will cost you higher. IF you buy the basic machines model that will also work fine for your first project.

Step-4: Check the services provided by machine supplier

For the machine maintenance and repair, you can get services from the local agent easily. For the first time machine installation, you need help from an expert. You will get that from the machine suppliers.

Step-5: Place order with the machine suppler

Do bargain for the price before you close the deal. Finally place an order for machines with the agent who gives you best price and good item. 

Don’t forget to mention machine type when you place an order. The machine supplier will give you PI. You confirm the price and pay the amount as per sales terms.

The supplier will deliver the machine to your factory (workshop)


This is a small guide for purchasing a sewing machine for your t-shirt business. You can find more help on the internet. I just like to let you know that for starting t-shirt making business you need other equipment as well - like fabric cutting machines, pressing table and Iron, a boiler for steam press.

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