Ready for Dyeing (RFD) Fabric

Full form of RFD is Ready for Dyeing. RFD fabric is stage of fabric where fabric is prepared for dyeing or printing process but not yet done.

Prior to dyeing and printing process of cotton fabric (Greige fabric) washing is done to remove wax, fibre impurities, seed coats, dirt and oils spot from fabric to improved dyeing uptake and evenness. Garment manufacturer can source cotton fabric in Greige or RFD form.

Ready for Dyeing RFD

RFD term is mostly used by fabric traders, mills, garment manufacturers. Even for sewing thread are available as RFD threads. These RFD threads are normally used for stitching garments that will be dyed (garment dyeing) after complete stitching. This will ensure even dyeing of garment and sewing threads. 

You would not find this term in textbooks. That's why when textile and fashion graduates join to textile industry and heard this term get surprised.

Related terms

PFD (Prepared for Dyeing):

PFD stands for prepared for dyeing. PFD fabrics are treated so that they will take dyes really well. Generally, PFD fabrics have no optic whiteners or any sizing, starches, or finishes that could interfere with the dye. PFD fabrics are unbleached, untreated fabrics that are specifically designed to be dyed. They are made using a special process that ensures the fabric is free from any coatings, finishes, or sizing agents that could affect the dyeing process.

RTD (Ready to Dye) 
The PFD fabrics are also known as RTD fabric (ready for dye).

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