18 Different Types Sewing Machines Used by Garment Export Houses

Garment export houses normally use industrial sewing machines for garment manufacturing. There are wide range of Industrial sewing machines to be selected for your product. From basic lock stitch machine to specialized sewing machines are there to make garments. All machines are developed to make better quality garment and to increase production.

When you are planning to purchase sewing machines for your business, you have to know exactly what types of machines are essential to make the product you have selected from wide ranges of apparel product categories.

Here are top 18 different types of sewing machines you can select for your product(s).

  1. Single Needle Lock Stitch Machine
  2. Single Needle Lock Stitch Machine (with under bed Trimmer)
  3. Single Needle Lock Stitch Machine (with Edge cutter)
  4. Double Needle Lock Stitch Machines
  5. Single Needle Chain Stitch Machine
  6. Double Needle Chain Stitch Machine
  7. Over Lock Machine (3 Thread) 
  8. Over Lock Machine (4 Thread) 
  9. Over Lock Machine (5 Thread)
  10. Flat Lock Machine (Cylinder Bed) 
  11. Flat Lock Machine (Flat Bed)
  12. Bar Tack Sewing Machine 
  13. Button Holing Machine
  14. Button attaching Machine
  15. Mutli-Needle Chain Stitch Machine 
  16. Single Needle Lock Stitch Machine (Top Needle Feed)
  17. Single Needle Lock Stitch Machine (With variable top feed mechanism)
  18. Feed off the Arm sewing machine

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