What is Bow and Skew in Fabric?

Bowing and skewing in finished fabric are among the common problems found in woven fabrics. 

In the finished fabric, distortion of warp and weft yarns alignment happened due to improper tension application on fabric across the width in weaving and finishing process. As a result, Bow or Skew occurred in woven fabrics. In this page, we have explained the bow and skew formation with images.

What is Bow in Fabric?

When weft yarns are even at two edges but arched across the middle is known as Bow. 
As per apparelscience.com bowing problem mainly occurs due to faults in weaver’s beam. This kind of situation can reflect in the beams to be manufactured on the sectional warping machine as well as the direct warping machine.

Bow in fabric

What is Skew in Fabric?  

When weft yarns are straight from one end to another end but angled across the width of the fabric is called skew in fabric. Refer to the below diagram for skew formation in woven fabric due to angled weft yarns. 

Skew in fabric

While fabric is used in garment making with these problems, you will get defective garment, like twisted effect will be found in the side seam of the tops.

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