List of Machines and Equipment Used in Garment Manufacturing

In industrial garment production, different type of machineries are used by garment factories. Depending on the garment items made by a factory they install those machines.

When it comes for machines used for garment manufacturing, highest number of machines are used in sewing floor. More or less different set of machines are also used in pre-production and post production processes. 

In this article a detailed list of machines used in garment manufacturing unit are shown.

Machines used in Fabric Store: 

Fabric inspection machine
Most of garment manufacturers sourced fabric from suppliers.
Fabric inspection is used to check fabric quality. See the right side image of fabric inspection machine.

  • Color Cabinet
  • Fabric length measuring balance
  • Weighing balance
  • Fabric inspection table
  • Some inhouse fabric testing equipment (for testing fabric properties)

Cutting Room Machines:

Following are common machines used in cutting room for spreading fabric on table, cutting fabric and for other cutting room tasks.

  • CAD system
  • Auto fabric Spreader
  • End cutter
  • Automatic Cutting machine
  • Straight knife machine
  • Band Knife machine
  • Fusing machine
  • Bundle number machine
  • Fabric drilling machine etc. 

Sewing Room Machines

Sewing machine
A sewing room is equipped with large number of industrial sewing machines. Various types of sewing machines are for sewing garments. What types of machines to be used depend on product types. Common machines are
  • Single needle Lock stitch machine
  • Double needle Lock Stitch machine
  • Over lock machines
  • Chain Stitch machine
  • Flat lock machine
  • Multi-needle chain stitch machine etc. 
  • Feed-of -Arm 
  • Zigzag sewing machine
  • Button attaching machine
  • Button holing machine 

Finishing Machine

Common machine used in finishing room are as following. Depending on the product type there are special finishing machines are used.
  • Thread trimming machines
  • Pressing tables with Iron (vacuum table)
  • Steam boilers 
  • Spotting gun
  • Spot removing machine
  • Buck press 
  • Form finisher

Washing Machine

Factories those have in-house washing set-up use following machines
  • Garment Washing machine
  • Tumble drying machine
  • Garment Dry cleaning machine

Machines used for Associated Processes

Not all but larger size garment manufacturers set in-house printing and embroidery department. These department used different set of machines.

Other machines those are installed to support running machine mentioned above includes

  • Steam generator
  • Compressor
  • Diesel Generator 
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