RMG Meaning in the Garment Industry

RMG factory in Bangladesh

Garment manufacturing factories are called as RMG factories. The industry that makes huge volume of garments for domestic as well as the international market are called as RMG industry. Many news headlines that talk about garment manufacturing business use RMG industry terms in their news and updates.

So, what does this RMG term stands for? What is the meaning of RMG?

The full form of RMG is Ready Made Garment
Where R= Ready, M= Made, and G = Garment.

RMG term can be defined as the apparel items that are completely stitched and finished in industrial production environment and the garment is ready for wearing. Nowadays we prefer buying ready-made garments rather than buying fabrics and giving it to a tailor for custom-made garment.

Whatever apparel item you buy from the clothing store, or a brand’s retail outlet that you can wear after purchasing it, is called a ready-made garment (RMG).

In Asian countries mainly in Bangladesh and in India, RMG term is widely used in place of garment export houses or garment manufacturing business. You also read it that RMG industry is a labor-intensive industry. 

The clothing stores and garment wholesalers also name their stores and ready-made garment store. 

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