What is a Garment? Its Definition and Meaning

What is a Garment?

A garment is an item of clothing; an article that is worn on the body. A shirt, a t-shirt, a blouse, a suit or jeans pant, uniforms are example of garments. All garments are part of clothing, but all clothing items are not garments. A saree, dhoti, scarf are clothing items that are worn by human. 

The main feature of a garment is that textile fabrics are cut into patterns and sewn together to form a specific clothing item. There are some garment articles which are made without stitching but by means of heat sealing and bonding techniques.   

Garments can range from simple and functional pieces like shirts and trousers to more elaborate items such as dresses and suits. Garments are made from various textile materials. In terms of fiber content, material can be made of cotton, wool, silk, and synthetic fabrics. Garments are constructed through various methods like sewing, knitting, or weaving. 

Garments serve multiple purposes, such as providing protection against the weather, enhancing safety during specific activities, expressing cultural significance, or offering a way to express personal style and fashion.

Example of garment - Woven shirts

Examples of Garments: 

To name a few of garments - 

Shirt, Trouser, Suit, T-shirt, Polo shirt, Skirt, Blouse, Cargo Pant etc.

Related Question:

What is an Apparel? 

Apparel is the product group used for covering our body including garment items. Apparel items also cover no-garment clothing items such as Swal, Saree. Apparel refers to a collection of clothing items that are designed to be worn together, such as a complete outfit or a wardrobe. 

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