Export surplus garment sourcing in India

Surplus garment sourcing 

What is Export Surplus Garment?

The leftover garments those remain to the factory (export house) after shipment of a particular order is called as a surplus garment. All most all garment export houses stock surplus garments and sell out those stocks once in  years with very low price compared to FOB.

How the surplus garment are generated? 

When I was in garment export house, we used have surplus garments (leftover garments after shipment) We knew there are various reasons why factory cannot pack and ship the 100 percent garments that we made. Here are some reasons I know for how surplus garments come.
  1. Extra cutting of garment to fulfil the order quantity. Once shipment send as per order quantity leftover pieces are considered as surplus garment.
  2. Quality issue with the garments, those are not accepted by buyers. Decided during quality inspection done by buyer's quality inspection representative. 
  3. Shipment rejection.  This may happen due to delay in shipment and / or factory made goods those are not accepted by buyers due not meeting the buyer specification in term of quality standards or other ways.
  4. Mismatch of size ratio than ordered size ratio. etc 

Sourcing of Surplus garment

Now-a-days it becomes a good and profitable business of sourcing surplus garments and selling branded  and export quality garment.

Are you looking for export surplus garments? Don't know where to buy and who to contact?

Look into following websites and explore more.
Even you can directly contact to exporters for purchasing their stock garments.

You can add other resources for surplus garments by sending mail to us.

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