Full Form of KPD in Fashion Industry

KPD stands for Knitting Process Division

In the apparel supply chain, companies that have business in other verticals they categorize their business es in different divisions. Like textile division, garment division, knitting division, etc. 

Similarly, a garment export house that has knitting processing division, they call it KPD in short. The knitting processing involved in dyeing and wet processing of knitted fabrics. 


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Question: What is the Full Form of SAM?

Answer: SAM stands for Standard Allowed Minutes. This represents the minutes required to complete an operation.

Question: What is the full form for SMV?

Answer: SMV stands for Standard Minute Value. Learn more about SMV.

Question: What is BOM?

Answer: BOM stands for Bill of Materials. Learn more about BOM.

Question: What is OB?

Answer: In the aspect of industrial Engineering in the garment manufacturing, OB stands for operation bulletin.

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