Sewing Threads - an Essential Trim for Garment Manufacturing

What is Sewing Thread?

The textile yarns and filaments that are processed for the application of stitching apparel items are known as sewing threads. sewing threads are engineered and designed to pass through a sewing machine rapidly, to form stitch efficiently without breaking the thread. The garment quality and product life span depend on quality of sewing threads.   
Sewing thread is essential because you can't think of making a garment (shirts, pants, jackets, Tees etc.) without using sewing threads. Garments are made by joining components together by means of sewing threads.

Sewing thread are made of multiple yarns by twisting together. Different types of sewing thread are available in the market. Garment manufacturers use sewing as per style requirement.

Sewing thread tubes

Sewing thread may be made of cotton yarns or filament yarns (polyester thread). Mostly polyester threads are used in garment making for its strength. In case garment is made of cotton yarn and stitched garments need to be dyed then cotton threads are used in sewing. 

Application of sewing threads:

  • Sewing thread are used in sewn product industry for joining two or more garment parts together for making seams. 
  • Sewing thread is also used for decorating purpose.  
  • For hand stitching sewing thread are used. 
  • For attaching other functions trims to garment like buttons, labels, sewing thread is used. 
  • Other than garment making sewing threads are used in show manufacturing, bag manufacturing.  

Different types of sewing threads:

Sewing threads are available in various colors and thickness. The thickness of the thread thickness is measured in Tex and count. It is called thread size and thread number. Depending on the application of threads in a garment, manufacturers select the right quality of the sewing threads.  

In terms thread formations and threads material threads can be classified as following
  • Cotton threads - Cotton thread is made from cotton fibre and ideal for sewing threads. Cotton threads are made using spun yarns.  
  • Synthetic and thermoplastic threads 
  • Textured filament threads - Textured filament thread is usually polyester threads and used normally as the loope thread for cover stitches.  
  • Monofilament threads - Monofilament thread is made from single continuous fibre. 
  • Corespun threads - these threads are combination of staple and filament fibres. The most commonly used corespun thread has multiple-ply construction.  

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