What is PD in Fashion Designing?

What is meaning of PD in fashion designing?

The full form of PD is product development in fashion designing and apparel manufacturing. You can relate product development as garment sample making in garment export house.

Any fashion item or any apparel products that is designed from a concept, need to be passed through the product development stage. Companies set up a product development team employing core team who takes care of all the activities from design development to sourcing raw materials to pattern development and product making in sampling room.    

Importance of product development in fashion business

Product development is essential in fashion designing in many reasons. It helps a company to understand the market for the new designs. It helps the company to see and feel the final product before making it in bulk. Garment sampling is one way of sample development.

Product development gives an advantage to the fashion brands and fashion suppliers. Apparel suppliers used product designing skills as strength.

Brands estimate garment costs that will incur in making the specific design in bulk production. They can get an idea for souring destination after developing a complete sample.

One needs good designer for product development in fashion deigning. 

Product development department is a must in apparel sourcing house and buying house. Big and progressive garment manufacturers also set up PD department for developing internal designs as well as developing apparel designs for their buyers.

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