Standard Fiber Launches New SmarTrak Global Order Tracking System

SmarTrack Global order tracking

With the goal of meeting the highest standards of excellence, reliability, and performance delivered with superior customer service, Standard Fiber, one of the world’s largest suppliers to the home textile market and manufacturer of basic bedding products, has developed its new SmarTrak global order tracking system to allow customers to view real-time visibility of their inbound shipments.

Standard Fiber’s SmarTrak is powered by a cutting-edge Logistics Cloud Technology Platform, which allows it to effectively manage supply chain workflow with greater agility. SmarTrak was developed to trace the 3,000+ global shipments that Standard Fiber delivers annually to its customers. Tracking begins at the freight forwarder when the container is assigned and continues through to delivery at final port. Taking advantage of the company’s worldwide network, SmarTrak connects with over 53,000 trucking lines, 115 airlines, 65 rail carriers, and 12o ocean carriers.

“Anticipating our customers’ needs is a major company priority,” said Sandy Gray, Standard Fiber CEO. “Understanding and feeling their pain due to unforeseen shipping delays, we felt an urgent need to develop a system to better inform them of their order status and help provide timely solutions to avert potentially expensive delivery interruptions. We are very excited to launch our first phase of SmarTrak in mid-July, which focuses on tracking shipments from freight forwarder to port. Phase two will focus on ground freight to the final destination.”

Utilizing GPS, AIS data tracking, all involved parties can collaborate on efficient goods movement and timely intervention on exceptions before they become costly problems. Through a secure password protected login on a dedicated website available on any smart device, Standard Fiber’s customers can to track real-time arrival status of their orders and visually see their location anywhere in the world.

News Source: News - Standard Fiber
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