What is Mending in Garment Repairing Process?

Garment mending process

The term mending is used in knits garments and sweater manufacturing. Mending is one kind of manual repairing process of fabric defects by needles. In the garment finishing process, knits garments are checked thoroughly by garment checkers. If they found garment defects such as needle cut, hole, defectives garments are sent to the mending section. 

Mending in Knits Apparel manufacturing:

In knits garment manufacturing, mending is a repair process of defective garments. Fabric defects like holes in fabrics cut marks, needle drops are corrected through the mending process. Defects such as needle holes, cut marks can occur in the stitching process.

Mending task is normally done by hand needle and/or knitting needles.

To hide the defects and make the garment as perfect quality highly skilled workers are employed to this work.

Note: In garment export houses, mending work is given to contractors, as this process may not require for all orders.

Mending in sweater manufacturing:

In sweater manufacturing (manual flat knitting) mending is one of the processes performed after the linking and trimming process. In some cases, sweaters are checked first and then given to the mending section.

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