Which machine is used to press non wash garments?

In bulk garment manufacturing, it is not necessary to wash all types of garments. Garment manufacturers used to wash the garments after the stitching process and before the garment finishing process only for the orders for which the buyer asked for washing. 

Also, there are some items that must be washed before pressing and packing for some reason.

In the article, our aim is to show you the machine used to press the non-wash garments. Continue the reading following sections.

For most types of garments, a steam press is widely used for pressing the non-wash garment. Garments like knits t-shirts, tops, fleece jackets, polo shirts are directly pressed after stitching. 

Garment pressing table

Image: Vacuum table for garment pressing 

The steam press with a vacuum table is used to place the garment for better-pressing results. These steam presses come with a single press with a steam boiler. There are other options where a central boiler is installed for supplying hot steam to multiple pressing tables and even to other processes where steam is required. 

Form finishers

Image: Form finisher | image source: Slideshare.com

Depending on your requirement for a number of pressing tables and steam capacity, you can customize your pressing section. 

The apparel items like suits (jackets) are also not washed before the pressing process. For these items, bulk press or form finishing is used.  

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