i-Smart sewing operator rating system by NIFT innovative team

NIFT i-smart technology

According to Dr. Jana, the sewing operators constitutes nearly 85% of the total workforce in the garment manufacturing sector and the i-SMART solution addresses the long pending problem of digitalising worker’s skill and removing bias. This would be cloud based system.

All the operator’s skill data will be stored on the cloud database. The certificate of operator training and their skill level can be accessed through their unique number. At present, i-Smart team has used the trainees Adhar number for making a unique operator code across Indian cities.

Though the presenter has not mentioned whether this solution is available for skilled sewing operators or not.

Operator sewing skill evaluation.

NIFT i-smart device

The online webinar was held on 4th October. It was a great presentation done by NIFT faculty members and valuable discussion by the panelists from the garment industry. The presentation was on how the i-Smart solution will work. They had shared the steps how to convert training swatch and rate it using their smart tool. You can see the brief method in this video. 

Hardware components need to us the system. Sewing machine, control panel, A barcode printer, One image scanner and local desktop and the access to the i-Smart. After scanning the training of their innovative research work and commercializing their sewing operator training skill.

After completion of training, use can issue a training certificate from the i-smart platform. The presenters has also shared sample copy of the Certificate (See the below image).  

i-smart certificate

Recently, NIFT has been able to successfully commercialise one of its Intellectual Property, which is in Patenting Process. To celebrate this achievement, this event holistically gives an opportunity to the Academic Fraternity to understand the importance of Patent Commercialisation, get an insight into the start-up funding and at the same time gives an insight to the Garment Manufacturing Industry about the NIFT’s i-smart technology, which is world's first patented sewing operator rating system. This system is operation neutral, 100% objective, SaaS based quantitative measure of generic sewing skill.

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