What is GPQ in garment quality control?

What is GPQ?

GPQ stands for Guideline for Production and Quality Control as explained in H&M's Quality Manual.

But this term is also known as Garment Process Quality. 

Garment manufacturers who manufacture garments for the apparel buyer H&M need to follow GPQ system. GPQ is used to ensure the quality of the finished product meets buyer requirements.

There are various quality systems to ensure that supplier meets buyer specified garment product quality. Like the AQL system for garment inspection for internal quality audit and shipment audit.

It has been noticed that garment suppliers who make garments for H&M and implemented the GPQ system successfully, don't need a third-party inspection for shipment.

For more information on this system, you are suggested to verify the GPQ system and its application with your buyer and buying offices if you are using this system. 

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