Apparel and fashion industry news websites and trade journals

Apparel and fashion industry news websites and trade journals

Every day a lot of things are happening around the global apparel and fashion industry. All the fashion business owners and professionals love to get the latest updates in their respective fields.

Why should one need to read online news websites and trade journals?

Reasons - by following and reading news updates and articles on the online apparel news websites and trade journals (websites) regularly, one can get updates on the following areas.

  • Watching brands’ news
  • Getting new business insides. For entrepreneurs who like to build their career in the fashion industry must have the know-how of the industry movement and industry trends.
  • Updated of a new product launch by apparel brands and big fashion retailers.
  • Project ideas in the fashion technology fields
  • Upgrading the technology for the manufacturing sector and the retails and the whole apparel supply chain.
  • Update of the raw material prices, mainly the cotton prices.
  • Performance of the top businesses in the apparel and fashion industry
  • For the industry research and academic research works, one needs information to base their research study. For initial research and available data, the online journals and news portals are very helpful.
  • Knowing the emerging business fields in the fashion textile industry and Govt. schemes on doing small-scale to large scale business in the manufacturing sector and other areas.
  • Getting updates on continuous changes in the government policies and relationships between those different countries in export and import.
  • For the industry-related events schedules and venues are published by almost all the following websites.

For any other reasons, reading is important. If you want to read and keep yourself updated in the field of the garment and textile industry, you can refer following websites.

Sourcing Journal: A well-known apparel and fashion sourcing journal. They published new articles, interviews, and apparel and retail news. is in news publications for many years. Other than latest news update, they also publish research studies and eBooks.

Fibre2fashion: A B2B website and additionally they publish the latest industry news covering the textile sector, apparel and retails. They also published news, fashion tech solutions, and allied company news.

The Business of Fashion: The Business of Fashion is recognized around the world for its authoritative, analytical point of view on the $2.5 trillion global fashion industry. Our mission is simple: build fashion’s global membership community to open, inform and connect the industry.

Apparel resources: Apparel resources in India-based apparel news company. You get technology-related articles and the latest press releases of fashion industry brands.

Knitting industry: This website focuses on knitting industry-related news. A right place to learn about knitting machinery and different knitting machinery manufacturers.

Apparel News: They publish apparel news journals and press releases and also publish trade updates of the apparel industry.

Eco Textile News: Ecotextile News magazine is the environmental magazine for the global textile and clothing supply chain and is published six times per year as a magazine. 

Textile Today: One of the most popular news websites based in Bangladesh. Majorly publish the latest news related to the Bangladesh RMG industry. This website is also a good resource for students learning textile and apparel-related topics.

Textile Value ChainTEXTILE VALUE CHAIN (TVC) is an Indian Trade Media serving the Indian and Global Textile, Apparel, Fashion, Retail industry since 2012, with Monthly Print Magazine, E-Magazine, E-Newsletter, Online Global Information and Sourcing Platform.

Denim and Jeans: If you love reading about the denim and jeans industry and want the market update of the denim industry, denim brands you must visit Denim and Jean's website.

All the front-line media channels update big news related to the fashion industry (apparel and textiles industry). Though they are not specific to the fashion industry, they published big news.

There are some websites that will allow you to read a limited number of articles/pages in a month. Do not get updates, in case you can’t read an interesting topic. You can read the same news on another website. Search the news title on the Google search engine, it will show other places where you can read the same news.

Note: If you see any news website is missing in this list, let us know with details. We will update the same. 
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