Full Form of Garment SMV and SAM

SAM and SMV full form

SAM and SMV are two common terms on apparel manufacturing business. Find the full form of the same in the following. 

SMV stands for Standard Minute Value

SAM stands for Standard Allowed Minute

For an example, SAM of a dress shirt is 24 minutes. and SAM of a polo shirt is 15 minutes. 

Both are standard time used to measure work content of garment. SAM is established by work study officers or industrial engineering team. They one of the available methods for calculating accurate SAM of the individual operations. SAM can be measured all time of activities. 

SAM is used to set up hourly and daily production target for individual operations. The production team and line supervisor follow target production quantity to achieve daily product goal.

The SAM data is the base for measuring individual operator's performance and operator's skill level.   

To calculate standard earned hours one needs SAM of a garment. For the calculation of performance bonus, many factories use Style SAM as target Hours Calculation. 

Based on SMV or SAM garment factories estimate direct labor cost. Apparel brands also verify style costing based on the SAM of a style. 

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