Attendance Bonus System in the Garment Industry

Things are changing around the world. So, the changes are prominent in the garment industry too. Even, you will find changes while it comes for motivating employees and workers in garment factories.
Bonus means, getting an extra amount from the employers other than regular salary or guaranteed payment.

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What is Attendance Bonus?

If any bonus amount is paid the workers based on the attendance record, it is known as attendance bonus. It is solely a company's own policy whether to provide attendance bonus to their employees or not. 
Factory owners understand that if operator absenteeism rate is reduced by any means, productivity of the line can be improved accordingly. The easiest way to motivate operators attending all days in a month is to show them money. So, the 'Attendance Bonus' is in place to reduce operator absenteeism.

Now-a-days, medium size factories provide attendance bonus to their operators.

How much to pay for attendance bonus?

For example, some factories pay up to Rupees 1000.00 to their operators for attending all working days in a month. Few factories keep attendance bonus up to Rupees 500.00 per month. These amounts are a repetitive value. The attendance bonus amount may change with time and different factories may pay a different amount. 

There is no fixed policy of giving bonus if any tailors unable to come to factory for 1 or 2 days in month. Few factories shared that they don't provide any attendance bonus if anybody miss single day in month. While other companies provide reduced amount if anybody remain absent for 1 or 2 days (provided that absent operators inform management with leave application). Factories found positive impact of attendance bonus system.

The application of attendance bonus in piece-rate payment system and monthly salaried payment may vary. In case factory provides performance incentive to operators, attendance bonus may be not required. But both bonus system can exist together.

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