B2B Portals for Yarn and Textile Sourcing and Selling

Nowadays textile businesses look for new suppliers on the online marketplace. Same applies to textile yarn souring. Knitter and weavers need yarns for making clothes. Yarns are raw materials for making fabrics, laces, and other textile items. This page covers a few online portals for Buy and Sell yarns online and connect directly to the raw material suppliers.  

The Yarn Bazaar 

The Yarn Bazaar is a modern, efficient, and transparently managed marketplace for yarn buyers and sellers to discover real-time yarn prices, information, and market trends. This online marketplace is founded by Pratik Gadia. 

The Yarn Bazaar is a B2B yarn trading and lending marketplace. The company is based in India. 

Yarn Bazaar enables textile companies buy and sell yarn more efficiently through their website or mobile apps using our proprietary ORA (online reverse auction) process while getting access to flexible unsecured line of credit. This enables a yarn seller to increase their reach/sales and lead to better margins & lower their credit receivables. 

While a yarn buyer can reduce their raw material & procurement costs. Traditional industries like textile has witnessed technological advancement in manufacturing processes but procurement, marketing, distribution & sales are yet dated. 


Linnseed deals in Cotton Combed/Carded, Cotton Compact Combed, Organic, BCI Cotton Combed, 100% Viscose Yarn, Cotton/Poly Blended Yarn, Cotton/Viscose Blended Yarn, Recycled Cotton / Poly Blended Yarn, Cotton / Recycled Cotton Blended Yarn, Recycled Poly Blended Yarn, Modal Yarn, Nylon / Poly, Mélange Yarn, Fancy Yarn, Dyed Yarn, Compact Yarn, Pima / Supima Cotton Yarn, Textured Yarn OPEN END YARN in all count range of 10 to 120 both in Carded & Combed for knitting & weaving purpose in single & double yarn.

Fibre to Fashion

Fibre to Fashion is a well-known and established website for sourcing and selling yarns. A wide range of yarns are available for purchase from. 

Acetate Yarn

Acrylic Blends

Acrylic Yarn

Air Textured Yarn (ATY)

Alpaca Yarn

Aramid Yarn

Asbestos Yarn

Bamboo Blends

Bamboo Yarn

Banana Yarn

Carbon Yarn

Cashmere Yarn

Chenille Yarn

Coir / Coconut Yarn

Conductive Yarn

Cotton Blends

Cotton Yarn

CVC Yarn

Drawn Textured Yarn (DTY)

Fancy Yarn

Flame Retardant Yarn

Flax Yarn

Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY)

Hemp Blends

Hemp Yarn

High Tenacity Yarn

Hollow Conjugated Yarn

Industrial Yarn

Jute Yarn

Kapok Yarn

Kenaf Yarn

Linen Blends

Linen Yarn

Lycra Yarn

Melange Yarn

Metallic Yarn

Modacrylic Yarn

Modal Blends

Modal Yarn

Mohair Yarn

Monofilament Yarn

Murata Jet Spun (MJS) Yarn

Nylon & Polyamide Yarn

Nylon Blends

Partially Oriented Yarn (POY)

Polyester Blends

Polyester Yarn

Polyethylene Yarn

Polypropylene Blends

Polypropylene Yarn

PVA Yarn

Ramie Yarn

Rayon Yarn

Recycled Yarn

Silk Blends

Silk Yarn

Siro Yarn

Sisal Yarn

Spandex Yarn

Tencel Yarn

Textured Yarn

Triblend Yarn

Tyre Cord Yarn

Viscose Blends

Viscose Yarn

Wool Yarn

Woolen Blends

Yarn Waste

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