Different Types of Caps and Hats

Hats and caps are fashion accessories. Apart from being fashionable hats also protect the user from harsh weather conditions and rain. Hats are originated from different parts of the world. Hat designs and materials used for making hats depend on the hat's end use and the raw materials availability. Hats are available in many different designs. 

Mostly made from woven and knitted fabrics, hats are made of many fibres such as fur, wool, rubber, straws, and many more. Hats have a very old history and have been molded into different forms by different cultures, regions, trends, and generations. On this page, we have shared a list of 20 hats that are used in different places by different generations and people.

1. Balaclava hat

Balaclava is kind of a head wrap that covers the entire head and neck leaving the face exposed. They were actually worn by soldiers in Crimean War to help them stay warm during the harsh Russian winter.

2. Trilby hat

It has two depressions at the front of the hat which distinguishes it from a gentleman’s hat. It was also called a jazz hat as it was primarily worn by musicians which soon gained huge popularity all over England.

3. Fascinators

Fascinators are an integral part of the Royal family of England. Dress etiquette in European culture ensures women wear European hats on any formal occasion. These are basically a hat that does not have a brim or crown which is often decorated by flowers, beads, and feathers matched with the wearer’s dress.

4. Vagabond hat

Being mainly famous during the 1950s the vagabond hat has a medium-high crown that is dented in the centre with a wide variety of brims. This is usually worn tipped at an angle and is still popular to this day.

Types of Caps

5. Cloche hat

This bell-shaped hat was hugely popular in the United States from 1920 to 1935s. Invented by a French designer, the word “cloche” means bell in French. It is generally made up of woolen material.

6. Tyrolean hat

It is a traditional German hat usually worn by the people in Germany and neighbouring countries during Oktoberfest. The hat is in form of a tapering crown that forms a point in the front made with green felt. It has a short brim and bands near the base of the crown for decorations along with feather embedded in it.

7. Boonie hat

Widely popular during the Vietnam War is a soft cap usually made out of cotton or polyester in a wide-brimmed style in the flat crown. This soft design helps the hat to be folded and tucked in when not in use.

8. Bowler hat

Invented by William and Thomas bowler, the bowler hat gained popularity as a staple in British wear. It was made famous by Charlie Chaplin in his films. It is a hard-felt hat with a narrow brim and a well-rounded crown. Most workers and cowboys generally preferred wearing this as it gave excellent grip even against strong winds.

9. Conical hat

It was mainly invented in Southeast Asia and is even used to date for its immense use. It is worn to protect the user from sun and rain. It is generally made by weaving straws together. Also, it can be used upside down to carry things even liquids. Hence, it’s this feature comes in very handy, making it so popular.

10. Coonskin hat

Having its roots in ancient America, the coonskin hat was mainly used by the Native Americans to wear for traditional purposes. It was later popularized by the European settlers who wore them during hunting. Thus it became much more popular as a hunting hat.

11. Deerstalker

The deerstalker’s main feature is two semicircular bills or visors worn in the front and the rear to protect the wearer’s neck and face from the sun. It is mainly used for extended periods of outdoor activities.

12. Fez hat

It is one of the oldest styles of the hat first worn around about 200 years ago. It is cylindrical in shape with no brim and a flat top. It also has a tassel that hands on one side. It was most popular in the Middle East in the 1800s when the Ottoman Empire used to wear it in their uniform.

13. Ivy cap

Ivy cap is a flat cap with a stiff, short brim in the front. It also has a low crown that is attached to the brim. It is made from three fabric sections having one stitched large front crown section from top to back with stiff bream keeping the hat’s shape round. It gained popularity in the 1890 s when the British government introduced a parliamentary act that would ask all men from age six to wear hats on Sundays and other holidays.

14. Garrison cap

The garrison cap was first introduced as a part of the military uniform of World War I. It is made up of a cloth cap with a flat crown that has a folded brim when the military insignia can be displayed. One of its primary features is that it can be folded and kept in the pocket. Hence it is portable and easy to carry.

15. Tam cap

Known widely as tam’o shanter in Scotland this is a traditional hat that is made up of 100 percent wool. It is knitted and round-shaped with a baggy crown which can sometimes have a pompom at the top. It is made up of colour bright designs in Scotland. It was also popular in Jamaica where it was knitted and crocheted into bright vivid colours.

16. Top hat

It is a classical hat often worn by some historical giants such as Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln. It is a sophisticated hat that is usually worn with a classic dress. It has a flat brim with a tall crown. It was made out of beaver’s fur to give it a unique but it was later replaced by silk which was further replaced by plush fur.

17. Sailor hat

The most striking feature of this hat is that it is all upside down which is very useful for a sailor who can use any side of it. The top of the hat is generally equal to the height of the brim.

18. Trapper hat

Mainly used as a winter garment, the Trapper hat protects the wearer from the harshest of winter. It has a flap over the ear which covers the full head of the user. It was made in the 1600s with animal pelts to provide warmth. It gained popularity during World War II when pilots started using them abundantly to stay warm at high altitudes.

19. Ushanka hat

The ushanka hat is a favourite winter hat in Russia and also all around the world. The word “Ushanka” which means ear cap is mainly given to it as it keeps the user’s ear warm. It is a fur hat with ear straps which has strings attached to it to tie it around the face to give extra warmth. They are usually made up of sheepskin or rabbit hair.

20. Whoopee hat

Debut in the Archies comic, the Whoopee cap was a popular fashion in the 1940s among young men. It is a surprise to know that this was mainly invented by the factory workers who cut the brim of their fedoras to have a clear vision of sight. Thus, the Whoopee cap gained popularity.

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