Online Calculators for Garment Industry Professonals

Production calculators

Do you face problem while you need to calculate fabric consumption for your new order? Do you want to calculate line efficiency of a production line, without going to mathematical details? Do you need to convert fabric requirement from Kg to Meters or Yard to Kgs?

Online calculators may help you on this.

We found one good resource for online calculators for the readymade garment industry professionals, mainly for apparel merchandisers, production professionals, industrial engineers, and quality controller.

These calculators are developed by Online Clothing Study and accessible on their website.

One can use those production calculators free of cost. You can find the list of online calculators in this page.

Some of the most useful calculators includes

  • Operation SAM/SMV Calculator
  • Line Efficiency Calculator
  • Production capacity calculator
  • Hourly Production Target calculator
  • Labour productivity calculator
  • Machine productivity calculator
  • Quality DHU calculator
  • T-shirt fabric consumption calculator
  • Fabric consumption calculator for woven shirts
  • Convert Knits Fabric Requirement from Kg to Meter

Go ahead and check out the online calculators. Share this among your friends and networks. Some of them might be looking for such useful calculator for making their day to day job easier, while they work in garment factories, apparel buying houses or any other fields.
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