15 LEED-certified Bangladeshi garment factories to get Green award in December 2021 - See the list

Name of the LEED-certified garment factories who will be receiving award are listed below.  
  1. Remi Holdings, 
  2. Tarasima Apparels, 
  3. Plummy Fashions, 
  4. Mithela Textiles Industries, 
  5. Vintage Denim Studio, 
  6. AR Jeans Producer, 
  7. Karooni Knit Composite, 
  8. Designer Fashion, 
  9. Kenpark Bangladesh Apparel (Kenpark Unit 2), 
  10. Green Textile (Unit -3), 
  11. Four H Dyeing & Printing, 
  12. Wisdom Attires, 
  13. Mahmuda Attires, 
  14. Snowtex Outwear, and 
  15. Oeko-Tex.

You may already know that Bangladesh’s textile and apparel industry has set a benchmark of sustainability by reaching 150 LEED-certified Green factories. Out of 150 green factories (LEED certified factories), 44 are platinum-rated, 93 gold-rated and 9 are silver-rated (44 + 93 + 9 =150).

On achieving reaching this benchmark by Bangladesh's RMG industry, The Bangladesh government decided to honor 15 readymade garments (RMG) factories with the Green Factory Award for their extraordinary contribution to saving the environment and for creating jobs for Bangladeshi garment workers.

The Labor Ministry recently said that the awards will be given in six categories to green factories in appreciation of their efforts to keep carbon emissions low, tackle global warming and address the impact of climate change locally and globally.

Ministry told that at the marking the celebration of the birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is expected to hand over the awards to the winners on December 8 in Dhaka.
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