T&A Calendar for Apparel Merchandisers

T&A calendar garment manufacturing

In T&A Calendar, T&A stands for Time and Action Calendar.

T&A calendar is made by production planners and merchandisers. They use to make this calendar to schedule various activities and meet the deadline of the orders.

Garment manufacturing is a very complex process. It involves numerous activities and required the involvement of personnel from various departments. Among total activities, there are few external activities and most of the activities are internal. Processing an order whether it is an export order or a domestic order, is like project work. So to manage order smoothly, proper and prior planning is very essential. The time and action Calendar tool is very effective for this purpose.

Merchants process multiple orders at a time. On a particular date, orders remain in the various stages. So follow up with various departments, material suppliers and making daily To-do lists become easier with the help of TNA.

Garment export houses used to make Time and Action Calendar. The apparel buyers also follow the TNA calendar for their supplier activity schedule. Whether factories use it or not, they need to make a TNA calendar for buyers.

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