Guess Partners With QIMA To Digitize Quality Control Program

Quality and Compliance solution provider

QIMA, a leading provider of quality control and supplier compliance solutions, announced today that world-renowned fashion brand Guess has selected QIMAone to digitize the brand's quality control program across its end-to-end global supply chain.

QIMAone is a collaborative quality and supplier management platform that connects brands and suppliers with unified quality and compliance data to minimize disruption, increase visibility, and drive continuous improvement. By deploying QIMAone, Guess continues to ensure that all its products are sourced responsibly and manufactured through quality control best practices.

As a global brand, Guess sources apparel from hundreds of supplier factories in approximately 30 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Guess does not own any factories itself and instead partners with manufacturing facilities and designers worldwide who supply a finished product. In this operating model, it is vital that the company stays connected to its sourcing footprint to maintain end-to-end visibility across its supplier network.

With the integration of QIMAone, Guess is bringing all players in its global supply chain network together to gain complete supplier visibility across the company's sourcing footprint. Moreover, the QIMAone mobile app allows inspectors from factories, third-party agencies, and the brand to collect necessary data more efficiently with complete real-time monitoring and collaboration.

The data collected on QIMAone produces meaningful analytics and insights for Guess, offering the company better management and projection mechanisms to detect potential issues with suppliers before they become critical risks.

Cristina Binda, Guess, Inc. Quality Control manager, said: "We are proud to say that, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to maintain our quality control program on-site as well as start implementing QIMAone in our distribution centers. We have been working with our strategic partner QIMA for over two years, and throughout this uncertain and difficult time, our partnership has strengthened and moved forward to cover more aspects of our supply chain including much-needed digitization."

Sebastien Breteau, Founder and CEO of QIMA and QIMAone, said: "Integrated, intelligent inspection capabilities are key for survival in today's evolving supply chain landscape. QIMAone empowers brands like Guess with QIMA's industry-leading best practices to align all stakeholders digitally on a common quality control framework, anytime and anywhere. Armed with real-time data on their suppliers, Guess can use QIMAone to schedule local inspectors or request factories to conduct self-inspections – with just one click. As a result, QIMAone is helping Guess to raise supply chain visibility and agility."

About QIMAone

QIMAone is a collaborative platform that digitizes quality and compliance management for global brands, retailers, and manufacturers. QIMAone connects buyers to their supply network to monitor and improve product quality, increase supply chain visibility, and reduce operational inefficiencies. To learn more about our technology and how QIMAone helps supply chain leaders save time and optimize costs, visit

About Guess

Guess is one of the world's leading lifestyle brands of contemporary apparel and accessories for men, women, and children that reflect the American lifestyle and the European fashion sensibilities recognized in more than 100 countries in the world. This year our company celebrates its 40th anniversary. 

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