Double Cloth and It Construction Method

Question: Is it possible to weave more than two sets of yarn that are interlocked with each other?

Yes, it is possible.

There are fabrics made in such a way that two different fabric layers are made in the same loom at the same time and those two fabric sheets are interlacing by few yarns from top fabric layers with the bottom fabrics. Even sometimes, two fabric sheets are completely interchanged. This is commonly done to give a designer look. These fabrics are called double cloth.

Ladies' shawls are available in double clothe designs.

Double cloth is also available for shirting fabrics. See the following image for an example of double cloth.

Double cloth
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Definition of double clothes

Double cloth or double weave is a kind of woven textile in which two or more sets of warps and one or more sets of weft or filling yarns are interconnected to form a two-layered cloth. The movement of threads between the layers allows complex patterns and surface textures to be created - according to the Wikipedia.

In double cloth, you can use a yarn set of two different colors
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