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Application of Pre-Determined Motion Time System to Develop a Standard Data System for Measuring Work Content of Garments Finishing Operations


Aditya Mahapatra, NIFT
Prabir Jana, NIFT
Bela Marthi

Paper Abstract:

Over the years, Predetermined Motion Time System (PMTS) has proved to be a powerful standardization tool in general electrical, automobile, machine shops, needle trades and even health care industries in accurately predicting the standard time for a given task. In needle trades, apart from GCD, all PMTS solutions established, commonly referred as Standard Data Systems (SDS), (GSD, Pro-SMV, SSD, SewEasy, SPD, MODSew etc.), have so far focused on the sewing department only. 

However, the repetitive nature of finishing operations itself introduces an enormous possibility of using PMTS in the section while it still uses the conventional time study method for labor content measurement. 

During this research project, by micro-motion study and using MTM database, one SDS was created for the garments finishing department for 7 types of operations-

1. Rivet Attaching 
2. Button Attaching 
3. Tag Attaching 
4. Belt loop Trimming 
5. Topper Pressing/ Denim Blowing 
6. Scraping 
7. Whiskering. 

After establishing the SDS, 12 operations of those seven types were randomly taken as samples from different countries, and based upon their method, the time values were calculated using the established SDS. 

Thereafter, we compared these predetermined time values to the time values taken by those operations in real condition. Interestingly, in 83% instances, the variations were less than 5% and never went beyond 7.5%. 

This signifies that the time values predicted by the established SDS have been in the area of the scatter plot of the normal distribution of time study and hence, can successfully replace the conventional time study method in the department.

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